Currently missing dates of birth &/or death:

Hercules Anastasiou (Ηρακλής Αναστασίου; ???? - ????) militant anarcho-syndicalist who wrote folk verses

Hercules Apostolidis (Ηρακλής Αποστολίδης ; ?? 1893 - ?? 1970), Greek short story writer, translator, anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist, best known for his 'Anthology of Greek Literature - Poetry & Short Stories' (vars. vols.) [ |Ηρακλής_Αποστολίδης |]

Freddie Baer - graphic artist [b. 19??]
Aaron Baltetsch (b. 19??) - Australian artist

João Barcellos (b. ????) - Brazilian-born Portuguese historian, writer, poet, anarchist
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Wolfram Beyer (?? 1954) - German musician []

Jaap Blonk (b. ?? 1953), Dutch Dadaist vocalist, improving musician, anarchist and Schwitters afficiando, born. 'Oude tekst over anarchisme?' (What is anarchist thought?; 1982)
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Jean-Denis Bonan (b. ?? 1942), French libertarian documentary film director and writer
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Charles Henri Hippolyte Chincholle (?? 1845 - ?? 1902) - French writer, journalist, biographer and chronicler of the Commune and Parisian anarchist milieu c.f. 'Les Survivants de la Commune' (1885)

Albert Daenens (?? 1883 - ?? 1952) Belgian anarchist, antimilitarist, artist, lithographer and writer. Directed the anarchist magazine 'Haro', which caricatured the bourgeoisie and militarism.
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Aurélien Dauguet (b. ?? 1932) - French music teacher and Surrealist/inventor of the 'echo poem' in 1972 [ |]

Claus Doudoumis (Βασίλη Δουδούμη; ???? - ????) - Patras / wrote revolutionary poems

Eric Drooker (b. ?? ?? 1958) - graphic novelist/artist

Florent Fels (Florent Felsenberg; ?? 1891 - ?? 1977), French Jewish art critic, journalist and individualist anarchist. Founder, in Paris with Marcel Sauvage, of the anarchist arts magazine 'Action: cahiers individualistes de philosophie et d’art' (1920-22). Arts critic for 'Nouvelles Littéraires', in 1924 he founded 'L'Art Vivant' (1924-39) and followed it with 'Voilà' (1940-45).
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Lluís Fernández i González (b. ?? 1945) - Catalan journalist, novelist, underground filmmaker, literary and cinema critic. Author of 'El Anarquista Desnudo' (The Naked Anarchist; 1979), a novel about queer culture in post-Franco Valencia.

Kathy Fire (b. 19??) - lesbian anarchist folk balladeer / previously in the band The Dyketactics []

Mike Flugennock (b. 19??) - artist

[John Gallas (b. ?? 1950) - poet/author 'Practical Anarchy'/'Ballad of Santo Casiero']

Alphonse Gallais (18??-19??) - French anarchist writer of erotica [pseudonyms Grimaudin D'Echara and A-S. Lagail] 'Memoires d'une Fille de Joie' (1902), 'Les Paradis Charnels ou Le Divin Bréviaire des Amants. Art de Jouir Purement de 136 Extases de la Volupté' (1903), 'Les Enfers Lubriques' (1906), 'Les Mémoires du Baron Jacques - Lubricités infernales de la noblesse décadente' (1909), 'La Muse vermentonnaise et Les Mystères de Vermenton' (The Vermentonnaise Muse and The Mysteries of Vermenton; 1931), 'Les Mystères du Presbytère' (1946)

Alexsei Gan (?? 1889 - ?? 1942) - leading theorist of Constructivism / interested in proletarian theatre, and was to become one of the leaders of the Constructivist movement in the 1920s, was the first contributor to the Tvorchestvo (Creativity) section specializing in art and literature of 'Anarkhiia'

Edith Garrud (?? 1872 - ?? 1971) English suffragette jui-jitsu teacher
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Kendell Geers (b. 19??), South African artist, musician, film-maker and anarchist, probably best known for urinating in Duchamp's 'Fountain' at the 1993 Venice Biennial. Born Jacobus Hermanus Pieters Geers, in 1993 he changed his name and date of birth to 'May 1968' as a political act, reclaiming his identity. He considers his work as a "fundamental anarchist position (...) challenging the instinct of liberty." Amongst his works are 'Monument to the Unknown Anarchist' (2007), a burning car wreck, and 'Auto-Da-Fé' (2007), part of which was inspired by the Bonnot gang members Edouard Carouy and Octave Garnier.
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Toby Goodshank (b. ????), US musician and visual artist

Dennis Gould (b. 19??) - poet

Hagiwara Kyojiro (?? 1899 - ?? 1938) Japanese anarchist avant-garde poet. Originally a waka poet, he was influenced by futurism and dadaism, he helped found the anarchist newspaper 'Aka to Kuro' (Red and Black) and, later, 'MAVO'.
"Poetry is a bomb! Poets are dark criminals hurling bombs at the hard walls and doors of prisons!"

Zofię Hajkowicz-Brodzikowską (1913 - Jan 1944) - Daughter of professor of mathematics at Technical High School of Wawelberg and Rotwand. Graduated secondary school in Warsaw. She was influenced by Wlodzimierz Bochenek, an activist of Zwiazek Mlodziezy Plskiej (Association of Polish Youth). After a year of studies at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts, moved to the High School of Journalism and graduated in 1938. From 1931 she was a member of Union of Polish Democratic Youth (ZPMD), and after the split in its left wing joined the break-away Stowarzyszenie Mlodziezy Syndykalistycznej (SMS; Syndicalist Youth Association). At the same time she was an activist of Anarchist Federation of Poland. 1938-39 she was a chairman of Youth Section in Workers Institute of Education and Culture and editor of its publications e.g. Through syndicalism to Poland. With her husband, Witold Brodzikowski, she took part in an anarcho-syndicalist propaganda group in ZZZ. In October 1939 she was an organizer of temporary mobilization centre for revolutionary syndicalists in Warsaw. In November 1939 she joined Union of Polish Syndicalists. From 1940 leader of Syndykalistyczna Organizacja 'Wolność' (SOW-a; Syndicalist Organisation 'Freedom'). She was responsible for internal communication and contacts with other organizations e.g. Komitet Pomocy Zydom (Committee for Aid to Jews [AKA Council to Aid Jews or Zegota]). Also responsible for printing fake documents, weapon transportation, underground printing. She was arrested 23rd December 1943 while carrying arms on Koszykowa St. Warsaw. Probably betrayed by Major ‘Ketling’ from Polska Armia Ludowa (Polish Popular Army) who was accused after the war of collaborating with the Gestapo. She was tortured in Pawiak (infamous Nazi prison) committed suicide by hanging in January 1944.

Stephen Hancock (b. 19??) - poet

Julius Heuberger (18?? - 19??), Dada's anarchist printer who was sent to prison for his anarchist activities during the preparation of the 'Anthologie Dada' issue (May 1919) of the Zurich the magazine 'Dada', edited by Tristan Tzara, where it was reproduced on pink paper

Franka Hoffman-Zgodzinska (?? - ??) - Anarchistyczna Federacja Polski (AFP: Anarchist Federation of Poland) activist. She was one of publishers printing a Yiddish anarchist paper in Warsaw Jewish ghetto, 'The Voice of Freedom. Emigrated to Canada after the war.

Ron Hunt (b. 19??) - British anarchist, librarian, renegade and arts activist, "admirer of Yves Klein, the Situationists and all things Russian Revolutionary". [ | | | |]

Suzanne Husky (b. ?? 1975) Franco-American visual artist / Green-anarchist []

Georges-Edouard Jeanneret (b. ?? 1848-19??) - Swiss writer, watch engraver, enameller, libertarian and the father of Le Corbusier []

Jihel, pseudonym of Jacques Camille Lardie, (?? 1947) French investigative journalist, photographer, editor, cartoonist, caricaturist, sculptor and anarchist

Stavros Kallergis (Σταύρου Καλλέργη)(1865 - 1926) founder of 'Σοσιαλιστής' (The Socialist) and poet

Christophe Karabache (b. ?? 1979), Franco-Lebanese filmmaker and libertarian
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Sophocles Karidis (Σοφοκλή Kαρύδη; ?? 1832 - ?? 1893) pre-eminent Greek satirist poet, journalist and playwright.

Jay Kinney (b. ?? 1950), American author, editor, underground cartoonist and founder of 'Anarchy Comics'

Nicholas Konemenos (Νικόλαος Κονεμένος; ?? 1832 - ?? 1907), Greek novelist, poet and one of the pioneers language struggles in Greece.
[ |Νικόλαος_Κονεμένος]

Adon Lacroix (born Donna Lecoeur; ?? 1887 - ?? 1975), Belgian-born poet, painter

Wolfi Landstreicher (b. ????) - pseudonymous anarchist theorist and poet

Jean-Jacques Lebel (b. ?? 1936) - French artist, poet, poetry publisher, essay writer, political activist and anarchist
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Gérard Lecha (b. ?? 1946), French academic, writer, poet, essayist
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Jean-Pierre Levaray (b. Sept. ?? 1955), French libertarian novelist, cartoonist, editor, publisher and trades unionist, born.
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Olga Preiss Loeillet? (1907-2002) - friend of Mary Low and who was active in the Spanish Civil War [DETAILS ANYONE?]

Josh MacPhee (b. ?? 1973) - US graphic artist

Yves-Marie Mahé (b. ?? 1972), French libertarian filmmaker
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'Stefania' Karolina Marek (née Brojde) aka ‘Kruk’ (‘Crow’)(1906 - 1985).
Office worker, anarchist. In secondary school she joined Anarchist Federation in Czestochowa. She was arrested on 4/11/1927 for being an anarchist. She was one of the first members of Warsaw Housing Cooperative. Spoke three languages: English, German, French. Wife of Pawel Lew Marek (author of On the edge of life – memories of anarchist 1943-44). During WWII hidden by (among others) Stanislaw Rosloniec. During Warsaw Uprising, fought in the Old town with I Mechanized Division of Narodowe Sily Zbrojne (National Armed Forces) alias ‘Stefania’, she worked in English and German radio monitoring sections of Voice of the Old Town uprising newspaper. With soldiers of NSZ she managed to get to another fighting district, Śródmieście, where she joined the Syndicalist Brigade. She worked in radio monitoring section of syndicalist bulletin Iskra. After capitulation of the Uprising she was a so-called 'robinson warszawski' (Warsaw Robinson) – she survived by being buried alive with 40 other people in bunker on 18 January 1945. After WWII worked in Interstate Trade Centre. Never joined the Communist Party.
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Andy Martin (????) - English musician, singer, lyricist and writer/singer with the Apostles

Bruno Massé - (b. ?? 1982) anarchist author, novelist, poet, researcher, activist, publisher, musician and lyricist

Marie-Dominique Massoni (b. ????) - poet/Surrealist
Gerasimos Mavrogiannis (Γεράσιμος Μαυρογιάννης; ?? 1823 - ?? 1860), Greek scholar, writer, poet and painter composed the 'Hymn of the Radical'

Spyros Melas (Σπύρος Μελάς; ?? 1882 - ?? 1966), Greek journalist, author, playwright, academic and anarcho-syndicalist.
[ |Σπύρος_Μελάς |Σπύρος_Μελάς]

Ben Morea (b. ?? 1941), US painter, rabble-rouser and anarchist, he was the main instigator of the Black Mask group; The Family, which was more popularly know as Up Against The Wall Motherfucker; and the Armed Love communal movement.
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Norman Nawrocki (b. ?? 1959), Montreal-based comedian, sex educator, cabaret artist, musician, author, actor, producer, composer and anarchist
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Laura Norder (aka Laura Oldfield-Ford) (b. ?? 1973) - English artist influenced by anarchism and the DIY punk ethic.

John Olday (born Arthur William Oldag plus used various pseudonyms including Frederick Frostick, Frank Allen, Willi Freimann, and Michael Peterson)(?? 1905 - ?? Sept. 1977) - English painter & cartoonist
[Antliff, Allan: Anarchist Studies Vol. 20, No. 2, July 1, 2012]

'Pepe' José Ortas Sánchez (1930-2003), Spanish anarchist and bohemian artist

P.M. (Hans Widmer; b. ?? 1947) - Swiss author of 'bolo'bolo' (1983) an anarchist/anti-capitalist social utopian novel

Richard Prost (b. ????), French director of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist history 'Otro Futuro - Un Autre Future' (1985)
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Mikhaïl W. Ramseier (b. ?? 1964), Swiss anarcho-individualist poet, novelist, essayist and journalist

Paola Revenioti (Paul Reveniotis / Πάολα Ρεβενιώτη; b. ?? 1959) Greek prostitute, transvestite, editor, poet, anarchist and transgender activist
[Πάολα_Ρεβενιώτη |]

Georgia Sagri (Γεωργία Σαγρή; b. ?? 1979) Greek-born performance artist and anarchist

Halina Świerczyńska (b. 1923) [Halina Lew?] - During Warsaw Uprising, soldier of Syndicalist Brigade, messenger. Now active in providing social help.

Jan Theiler (aka Pastor Leumund, Michael Fieling, MC Abitur; b. ?? 1967) - German Dadaist artist
[ |,_die_„ÜberPartei“]

John Yates (b. ?? 1965) - English graphic designer

John Zervos (Ιωάννης Ζερβός; ?? 1875 - ?? 1943) journalist, scholar, writer, poet, lexicographer, translator and philosophical thinker
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Ilias Zervos-Iacovatos (Ηλίας Ζερβός-Ιακωβάτος; ?? 1814 - ?? 1894), Greek politician, journalist and writer rich literary and poetic works. Published historical, social and moralistic works, three collections of poems and a drama, entitled 'Ενάρετη' (Virtuous).
[Ηλίας_Ζερβός_Ιακωβάτος | |]

Kazimierz Zieliński – born 1913 (or 1915) - Graduated from Warsaw University. Member of ZPMD. In 1935 he joined revolutionary syndicalists circle in ZZZ. He studied in France, where he cooperated with French syndicalists. Husband of French communist activist. Came back to Poland just before the war and joined the army. After September defeat together with Zofia Hajkowicz-Brodzikowska aka 'Basia' and Zygmunt Dymka organised the Syndykalistyczna Organizacja 'Wolność' (SOW-a; Syndicalist Organisation 'Freedom'), a mobilisation centre for revolutionary syndicalists. In 1939, he was arrested by accident during a Nazi street roundup. Went missing without a trace.

Michel Zimbacca (b. ?? 1924), Franco-Syrian poet, filmmaker, Surrealist and anarchist. Member of the Paris Group of the Surrealist movement. Co-directed 'L'Invention de Monde' (1952) with Jean-Louis Bédouin.